Lent I

Word for the entry into the Lent:

Dearest sisters, I earnestly and sincerely greet you in the anniversary year – in the year of fidelity to our charisma. What shall we do, dear sisters, to spend this Lent in holiness? To stand at the suffering Christ not only with our compassion, but also with full activity of merciful love? We are the Church Militant. For us the repose is not comfortable. Endowed with the charisma of contemplation and mercy, we embarked on the path of perfect love and decided for constant and diligent efforts so that the merciful Jesus becomes visible through our humble service. Our love – especially for sisters – has to be able of sacrifices. Otherwise it is not true love. Without dying to ourselves we will not move forward. Let us draw strength, courage and light for it from the suffering of our Lord. Let us look at Christ’s cross, contemplate his painful path to the Calvary accompanied by the Mother of pain so that we can also accept our destiny in its full severity.

Letter of Mother Vojtěcha for the Lent of 1979