Year of the Consecrated Life

Mother Vojtěcha’s encouragement quotes. Here are „words of encouragement“ not only for sisters of the Order of St. Charles Borromeo and other consecrated persons, but also for all who wants to get encouraged by her zeal for the things of God.

Liturgical Year Quotes

Mother Vojtěcha was consumed by zeal for God’s glory, for liturgy. How happy she was to hand out to sisters a new breviary which was published by samizdat in the community! How much she cared to introduce sisters into the post-conciliar liturgy! She tried to give sisters an idea of events of the liturgical year.

She often wrote letters to the community about saints related to our spirituality, about the way they can encourage us in our life.

ADVENT (here), CHRISTMAS (here), GREAT LENT (here, here and here), EASTER (here), PENTECOST (here, here and here).



Travelling Exhibition about Mother Vojtěcha

In the year of faith as well as in the year of the “Cyrillo-Methodian Jubilee”, we also celebrated “Mother Vojtěcha’s Jubilee”: from 21 January 2013, when 25 years passed since her death, to 25 March 2014, when we commemorated the centenary of her birth by celebrating the solemn liturgy in her birthplace. This jubilee was accompanied by a travelling exhibition called A BRAVE WITNESS OF FAITH that still goes on even after the anniversary. The exhibition visited 72 places till mid 2015 and still goes on (photos here).

Current location: Sušice - kostel Sv. Václava (until 15 March 2016).

Preveous location: Kůsov - Stachy

Panels of the travelling exhibition (in Czech) 1 to 8 and 9 to 15.

První panel výstavy

Other Activities Related to Mother Vojtěcha

Reconstruction of the birthplace of St. John Nep. Neumann. This house belonged to the birth sister of St. John Nep. Neumann. She became the first candidate after the arrival of sisters to Prague in 1837; later she was briefly a General Superior of the Congregation of Sisters of the Order of St. Charles Borromeo. Since then sisters have been continually using the house. (A brief history of the home) In this house on 10 September 1952, Mother Vojtěcha was arrested and a year later sentenced as a Vatican spy and political prisoner to eight year’s imprisonment.

Currently, the first stage of the reconstruction of our home in Prachatice, where Mother Vojtěcha was arrested in the 50s, is under way. See also the pictures of the inspection days (here).