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  • “Let Jesus merciful be clearly visible in our actions.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 3/87

  • “Let every day be a “deep advent” where we go to meet the One whom we expect, whom we love and whom we want to bring to others.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 9/85

  • “Let our every act be a declaration of love. Let us entirely transform into love.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 13/87-p.2

  • “Let our hearts burn when we discover the meaning of the Scripture, because anyone who, in union with the Holy Spirit, reads it (especially the Gospel), listens to it and lets God enter into their soul.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 3/87

  • “Let us be together with Mary children of the light for God’s glory as well as for the salvation of souls and the joy of the Heaven.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 1/88

  • “God wants to use us as instruments of his love and salvation.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 3/87

  • “God is worth our giving all even in greatest difficulties and our living in constant readiness to his will.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 1/84

  • “Giver of all gifts, Giver of new life, conversion and the cause of every beginning wants to renew and reshape us. His love to us always offers to us waiting for our openness and readiness. When do we allow him to enter?”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 13/87- s.2

  • “As long as the Gospel is in us just a theory alongside other theories, just a doctrine alongside other doctrines and not a life, insofar we cannot savour his strength and effectiveness.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 3/87

  • “Protect yourselves from mediocrity. Do not succumb to fatigue and half-heartedness that indicate that our love cools.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 1/84

  • “Although we do not know where our way of life leads we know that this will be the path of boundless merciful love of God.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 1/88

  • “Just a humble, serving love that leads to the sacrifice of life, fascinates and convinces even those who do not believe either to us nor the Church.“

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 15/87-s.6

  • “The only ideal that has a fascinating power and leads to follow is the one behind which stands the veracity of life and sacrifice.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 4/87

  • “Maria will lead us so that we can fully participate in the work of salvation and to live for the work of salvation eagerly, generously and fully.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 13/87

  • “We really have to grow by overcoming obstacles. We have no right to fear because God is with us.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 4/87

  • “We definitely have to contribute to the great work of recovery of the whole nation.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 1/85

  • “It depends on each of us how the history of the world will shape (…) God desires our cooperation.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 9/85

  • “Our fasting and our renunciation must come from our desire for the Lord. The root of our penitence must be the love for Christ.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 3/85

  • “Do not settle for average! Let us shape by the Holy Spirit.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 1/85

  • “Let us renounce something every day. Let our self-denial be truthful. Let us not be reed buffeted by the wind of moods, indiscipline, selfishness, laziness and superficiality.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 9/85

  • “Do not forget that the Holy Spirit works even today, that the Pentecost repeats. The same power of the Holy Spirit, which worked in the Early Christian community, wants to overwhelm us.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 13/87 – p.2

  • “Let us not lose confidence and courage even in our failures. God likes to be the power of the weak.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 20/87-s.2

  • “Let us purify our heart and empty it so that the Spirit if Holiness can work in us freely, powerfully in silence, but the more effectively, to be truly the soul of our soul.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 6/85

  • “Let us remember that the jubilee is a challenge. St. Charles calls us to a radical following of Jesus Christ whose mercy culminates on the cross.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 1/84

  • “The true value of our deeds comes from love.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 4/1984

  • “Let us serve the Lord with joy! And with earnestness! Faithfully and loyally! Under any conditions.”

    Spiritual testament of Mother Vojtěcha – 11/87

  • “Do proclaim with your life: “The Kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe in the Gospel.” (Mk 1,13)”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 1/87

  • “Persevere in love and sacrifice! God is worth it!”

    Spiritual testament of Mother Vojtěcha – 11/87

  • “Start again! With joy, courage and a strong confidence in Him who is Great, Holy and Merciful.”

    Mother Vojtěcha – Circular 17/84

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25 March 1914 – 21 January 1988

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