Lent III

The Way of the Cross

In contemplation of the Passion of our Lord we find the courage and perseverance to walk with Christ the way of the cross of our life.

The purpose of the way of the cross is:

  • Gratitude and
  • Compassion with the Crucified

The cross shows us a radical love that gave itself fully to others. The cross is the cry of God’s love, which plunges into humiliation, in order to save the mankind. The best way to honor God is for us to accept gratefully his gift of salvation, and thus recognize him as our only Lord. Jesus brought his suffering and his death from love as a sacrifice of worship to Father. If we want to follow our Lord, if we want to love him, worship him and serve the salvific will, we have to be ready to walk also the way of the cross and die like a grain of wheat, which brings benefit with its death. However, in the prayer of the way of the cross, we understand that Christ’s suffering is not yet completed in the true sense. Christ’s suffering continues in his limbs. His desire is that we as members of his mystical body endure all the suffering that we encounter on the earth. He wants us as Sisters of Mercy to stand on the way of the cross of the the suffering humanity with our serving, helping and compassionate activities and selfless love. Thus we claim allegiance to the suffering Head of the mystical Body of Christ as well as to the Church Militant on the earth. We thus give testimony that Christ is our portion in life and and in death, and our hope in the heritage of his glory with the Father. Let us look especially at the crucified Lord that suffers for our sins. Let us learn humility, poverty, obedience, patience and other virtues from Him. Let us light here our merciful love for our neighbours and a growing love for Christ.