Pentecost III

At the beginning of the Marian month and in the preparation for Pentecost:

The Holy Spirit wants to be at home in our hearts.

If only we did not hinder him!

Let him act in us freely, but the richer, in silence, but the more efficiently. Dear sisters, let us prepare for his arrival with a humble silence. Let us become like Mary a great silence for miracles in our souls. Let us loosen in our heart everything that hinders his entry. Let us give ourselves to him so that he can transform us! Let us live our preparation with Mary. Let the one that is the fullness of the Holy Spirit beg for us a pure and humble heart, compassionate and loving, a heart full of the Holy Spirit. United by him, let us give testimony to the merciful Christ. And above all – let us love each other.

Mother Vojtěcha, 6/1976